Ewaronke Skin 5% Niacinamide + Vit E

Ewaronke Skin 5% Niacinamide + Vit E


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mproves the appearance of uneven skin tones, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and hyperpigmented spots. This oil free hydrating serum also replenishes moisture and restores radiance for a smoother complexion.
Suitable for all skin types including dry, normal, combination, sensitive, oily and acne prone skin.

Usage: After cleansing, evenly apply proper amount of the product on the face and gently massage until absorbed.

Ingredients:Water, Nicotinamide, Glycerin, Propylene glycol,PEG-12 polydimethylsiloxane, Tocopherol (vitamin E), Collagen, Sodium hyaluronate, allantoin, Methyl hydroxybenzoate



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